Why do you need “WIND” insurance in Highlands and Sea Bright

sea bright power lines down
downed power lines in sea bright

Ok Dec 1, 2010 Monmouth county had a storm, turbulent winds from the south, horrid rain. (We’re not in Kansas anymore)

Sea Bright had 5 utility poles go down on New Street. Electric ripped out of peoples homes. Downtown Sea Bright SHUT DOWN. No one in.. No one out. Residents are told to evacuate.

Which goes to the question, how often should these things be replaced? How many times do we forgo maintenance because.. because

I understand times are tight, however, sometimes you have to break out the funds to fix things. From the household level to the city level.

There are so many “smart” things we can do to balance budgets and save money at the town level, it aggravates me that red tape precedes common sense.

“`Just saying