Ok this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Highlands, But.. Do’s & Don’t’s of Texting

TextingOk I think we all can take a page from Vince Young (You know the American football quarterback for the Tennessee Titans (NFL). Young was the third overall draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. He played college football at The University of Texas.)

And recently, he is known by texting his coach Jeff Fisher an apology for his behavior during and after a loss to the Washington Redskins. (ummm Really???)

There are some do’s and don’t (s) of texting that I think we should all  be reminded of, (from time to time) ~ just saying

Do Don’t
Booty call Marriage proposal
From movie theatre From sideline
Directions to restaurant Directions to hotel room
Bailing out from blind date Breaking up
Reality show vote Electoral college vote
Disaster relief donations Anything Nigerian banking
Pizza delivery order Order to invade country
Insincere apology Sincere apology