Why can you only get Pork wings at Chilangos – are they really Mexican?

Cucumber margarita

  Another Must Try in Highlands is going to Chilangos and trying their Pork Wings (I’d suggest pairing it with a cucumber margarita).

What is a Pork Wing you ask? It is a trimmed down pork shank with just a single bone, somewhat like a mini pork butt on a stick. Add chipolte seasoning  – and YUM!!

Why you can only get this at Chilangos the Mexican restaurant? No idea.. My guess no one else caught on.

Rumor has it the owner during Clamfest one year needed something else to make and tried out Pork Wings on the masses, from there it made it to the regular menu. (Insider tip – If its not on the menu ask for it anyway, chances are they’ll have it.) Are they considered Mexican – ahhmmm no.

But its extremely tasty and well worth stopping in for.