Even Bud’s Grave has a Facebook Page

Bud's Grave
Bud's Grave

Another tidbit about Highlands, is the legend of Bud’s Grave. The legend of Bud’s Grave is a controversial one, located on Bayside Drive on a heavily forested hill down by where Connor’s Hotel used to be,  Bud’s Grave was a memorial to something or some one.

What that was, no one seems to really know for sure and depending on who you ask, you’ll hear a different story.  The site was covered with toys, stuffed animals, dolls and assorted objects that were nailed to the trees.

One story says that it was a tribute to a boy who had died, and his father put these toys in the yard in hopes that the boy would be lured back.

Others say that was the spot where Bud was killed. Some locals say that on some nights Bud’s ghost could be witnessed playing in the pile of toys.

Some believe the whole thing was a Jersey Shore prank. The old man who lived there was apparently an eccentric sort who put this shrine together as some weird goof. (Seems kinda plausible in Highlands).

What I find more intriguing than this make shift memorial and the fact that no-one knows for sure what it is, is that Bud’s Grave has its own Facebook page with 360 Fans.

How exactly does an Urban legend get a Facebook page? – hmmmm