AUGUST 22 – Concert at Vets Park in Highlands

sounds of recoverySt. Bernard Project, a nationally recognized disaster recovery nonprofit organization, is hosting a benefit concert on SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 2015 from 2:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. in Veterans Park, located on Bay Avenue in Highlands. The Sounds of Recovery concert is an effort to raise awareness and funds for long-term recovery needs in the Borough of Highlands. There will be live music, local food vendors (including: Dive, Et Al, Chilangos, Bahrs, Bay Ave Bakery and Water Witch), a beer garden with $5 drinks, gift auction prizes, a 50/50, face painting and more!

Cover charge is a $15 recommended donation. There will be a 50/50 drawing every 2 hours, and all gift auction items will be drawn at the end of the event – attendance not required to win auctioned gifts.

SBP is collaborating with local business Water Witch Coffee and the Highlands Business Partnership on the event in an effort to raise $50,000 to be used in its residential rebuilding program which will serve residents still waiting to return home after Hurricane Sandy in Highlands, NJ.

The lineup is composed of upcoming local artists:

12:00 p.m. Subject to Change, improvisational/blues funk band from Long Branch, NJ

1:00 p.m. The Lakehouse Music Academy, youth music students from Asbury Park, NJ

2:15 p.m. Dark City Strings, blue grass/Americana band from Asbury Park, NJ

3:30 p.m. The Shady Street Show Band, rhythm and blues band from Red Bank, NJ

4:45 p.m. The Cranston Dean Band, rock/blues/folk/funk band from Atlantic Highlands, NJ

6:00 p.m. Karmic Juggernaut, psychedelic progressive funk band from Asbury Park, NJ

7:15 p.m. The Underwater Sounds, reggae fusion band from Philadelphia, PA

*All concert proceeds will go directly towards St. Bernard Project’s recovery efforts in the Borough of Highlands. Donations are a vital resource to enable SBP’s clients – who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of rebuilding – to move back home. Specifically, proceeds from Sounds of Recovery will be utilized on projects where there is an unmet funding need to complete construction and the homeowner meets SBP’s client eligibility standards.

For more information please Contact: Julie Giebler at / 908-601-5332 or Kelly Riordan at / 347.815.4085

You can donate online

Why Is There A Double Standard in Highlands?

Ever notice that your neighbor cracks a joke, and you crack the same joke and people look at you funny? It happens. Apparently, if you haven’t lived here long enough or don’t have the ‘right’ last name you are not allowed to touch on certain subjects.


The school system
Dentistry Issues of Highlands Residents
Highlands Stereotypes
The difference between Atlantic Highlands & Highlands
Political Stuff
Liking or Not Liking certain restaurants
Other Stupid Issue Insert Here

But I’m allowed to be called a Bennie, an Ahole seastreaker, an outsider, a newcomer, a not a real clammie, not a real Highlander, unhappy, hole in my heart or should I say whole in my heart, malcontent, peanut gallery etc etc.. But I’m not allowed to say anything about anyone else.

What I do like about Highlands, I’ve lived in some really bad places, with really bad people, Highlands is still Mayberry to me. There are some really good people that are just awesome. And then there are some totally jerks. But when you’ve lived in places with really bad, bad people, HIghlands still pales in comparison. So the awesome people outweigh the douches.  It irritates me that the some of the douches think they outweigh everybody else. You don’t.

I personally am just some move in person that writes a blog with the name “Highlands” in it. I’m not a true local nor do I claim to be. I don’t have Clammer in my blood (but my one brother did clam one summer in LBI) Although I can legit claim Captain of a boat and fire chief to my blood (not in Highlands but….) Certain people should be more worried about what happens off line than social media. Worry more about what I’m saying about you door to door and in person.  Or don’t – that works more in my favor.

Blue Moon & Clam Fest Collide

moon over hartshorne woods‘Once in a blue moon’ to describe the rare occurrence of an event or appearance of a person. The ‘Blue Moon’ refers to a fact when we have 13 full moon in a year in place of 12. When the blue moon appears, we have two full moons in a month.

This year it’s July 31st, which is a Friday and also coincides with Clam Fest.

I predict crazy behavior, possible arrests and street flooding.

Is Pallone an Idiot?

You’re in Highlands dude.. Why do you think you are not? Because everyone around you has teeth? Because you are in a big house? Because you have a nice view?? Pallone, YOU ARE IN HIGHLANDS.. maybe the council person next to you could be a little more informative..

How Well Off Were You in 2014 Highlands?

MoneytipsIn a study by the Federal Reserve Board surveyed the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2014. Surprisingly, one out of six people earning six figures reported that they were just getting by or struggling to get by. I wanted to see how this translated to Highlands?

What Is A Real Highlander?

teethWhen I had only lived in Highlands a few years, a gruff Clammer guy looked at me one day and stated, “I can tell you’re not a ‘real’ Highlander”, I looked him straight in the eye and asked, “Oh yeah, how’s that?”, without missing a beat, he retorts, “Because you don’t floss your teeth with boat rope.” – at this point I was a little confused, because I had no idea what that meant. He further chuckled at his own joke and stated, “Most real Highlanders don’t have all their teeth.”

So when a local tells you, “Your not a real Highlander/Clammie” – just remember, its not an insult, what they are really saying is “Nice teeth”.

Possible Shared Services Between Sea Bright & Highlands

According to Word On The Shore, Sea Bright’s borough’s department of public works (DPW) could be on the move in the future across the bridge to Highlands.

Sea Bright Councilman Marc Leckstein, who is a member of the borough’s DPW’s committee, said there have been discussions to share DPW services with Highlands.

“We are still working with Highlands to develop a plan of a possibility of sharing services and moving over a lot of our equipment and storage over there,” Leckstein said. “We just do not have the room in Sea Bright, and it’s causing a lot of animosity in places where we do store it. A lot of residents are complaining.”

To read the whole story click here

NOT WANTED: Volunteers for Community Center

RDW Com CtrAfter last week’s post that Volunteer’s were needed, and Barbara Iannucci posted a date of July 11th on the Highlands Facebook page, Council Person Ryan reached out to her and indicated that the date would not work because Tim Hill had to meet with the Contractors on July 14th.

This seemed like a power play to me to squash the effort by arguing about the dates.

Add in the fact that I personally ran into Tim Hill and I asked him why he was being a road block. At which time he insisted he was not a road block and any dates chosen were done so solely between Barbara Iannucci and Tara Ryan, he was totally out of it.

He further stated that he would not be around on July 11th. Which I looked at him funny and asked “So what does that have to do with anything?”,   He stated back, “Oh you don’t get why I need to be there..”  Well, if he wasn’t the roadblock and had absolutely nothing to do with the picking of a date, how does his vacation schedule come into play?  Unless of course, he’s not totally out of it.

He then proceeded to pull up next to me as I was walking and state he further could not wait for volunteers to come in and the job needed to be done.  So I told him I thought using the volunteers was important and every one needed to get in a room and work through it that day.

I proceeded to send the following email:

It’s been brought to my attention that the Date of July 11th for the volunteer effort at the community center is now in question.
Mr. Hill stated to me this morning, he is not the road block and the picking of the dates is between Ms. Iannucci and Ms. Ryan. Further, Ms. Iannucci chose the date without consulting Ms. Ryan first.   I have have also heard that Mr. Hill had a meeting with a contractor on the 14th of July and the volunteers could not come in before that.
The he said, she said crap needs to stop and ego’s need to be checked at the door.
Regardless of who checked with whom about a date, it was set and there has been a positive response from residents.  This needs to happen because, it gives the community the sense of contributing and having some control over the rebuilding of Highlands. Working shoulder to shoulder with neighbors towards a common goal is something Highlands needs desperately.
I would suggest meeting “today” to work through this.  And what would work even better than meeting, is if all the parties involved could just agree to the July 11th date because it was already put out there and just go with it.
Surprise, ghosted by Tim Hill.
I did however receive the following response back from Tara Ryan;
This will be worked out. I agree that it is important to the community and to the volunteers to resolve the issue, and have the volunteers participate in the project.  Tara Ryan
Then I found out the Community Center already had been cleaned out. (See pictures below)
community center

So, I sent a follow up email:

Mr Hill,
Would mind providing the date you entered the community center and cleaned out the bottom floor? Also how much notice was given to Ms. Ryan and Ms. Iannucci before this task was assigned and completed. Lastly how much did it cost us (the town) to do this?

To date, no response has been received.

What Tim Hill doesn’t understand, is his repeated lack of communication speaks volumes. Not only this issue, but all the other issues he doesn’t respond to.

What Highlands residents need to understand, this effort had been attempted to be rectified offline, but it couldn’t be due to the lack of communication from the town’s administrator.

In my opinion, that defines a road block.
There is talk of having other projects for the volunteers to work on, as those projects and dates become solidified, I’ll pass them along.

Sewer Bills And Council Seats

On the 17th Highlands Council Meeting, during the public portion section. It was asked if all the council were up to date on their Highlands Sewer Bills and stated if they were not, it wasn’t right. Especially after Sandy when so many people were displaced and still required to pay Sewer bills for properties that were not habitable.

Previously, it was indicated that there was no way the town could waive any sewer fees because our I&I was the same, and the town’s bill had to be paid.

So doesn’t it seem unreasonable that if the town “must” pay their “town” sewer bill, and regular Joe residents must pay “their” bills, that the individual council members must pay “their” bills.

BTW – you can now pay your bill online. Makes it even easier..

Poll: Where Did You Watch the Boat Parade?

TBT: Abandoned Houses Where Are They Now?

1. 5th St house:

5th st house

2. Jackson St Bungalow

Jackson St House

3. 5 th Street House

5t st house 2

Discount to Highlands Women Running in Iron Girl

Iron girlThe Iron Girl sprint triathlon and 5K coming to Sandy Hook, NJ on September 13th, 2015. Set on the scenic grounds of Gateway National Recreation area, amenities include: a post-race café, performance shirts sized for women, professional timing, personalized race bibs, new custom finisher medals, and much more.

Registration is now open  CLICK HERE   for the sprint triathlon and 5K. Relay team options are also available for the triathlon. They created the discount code TRYIG15 for Highlands to share.

The code is good for 10% off any registration category.

Why You Might Want to Attend Wednesday’s Council Meeting


1) The Hi-Rise is Back – Public portion on whether to allow 10 story buildings on the hill takes place Wednesday Night.

2) No Smoking Ordinance, to make it safe for everyone, Highlands is proposed going smoke free at all Borough Properties including the maintenance yard, all Highlands beaches, all parks, & the VFW.

Master Plan Meeting Tonight @ Highlands Fire House

bay ave futureThe Borough of Highlands will conduct workshop and public meetings regarding the Masterplan of Highlands on the following dates: June 1 – cancelled, 8, 29, 2015. July 20, 2015. August 10, 31, 2015. September 21, 2015. October 5, 19, 2015. November 9, 23, 2015. December 7, 2015.

The meetings start at 7:30 PM and take place at the Borough Fire House located at 17-1 Shore Drive, Highlands, NJ 07732. The public is invited to attend all of these meetings however the public will only be allowed to participate and give testimony and submit documents at some of these meetings.

TBT – Where the abandoned Properties are?

This is a most improved addition… All three have been touched since 2013:

1. Bay Ave and Miller

miller and bay

2. Miller and Shore

miller and shore

3. Shore by Seastreak

shore drive by ferry


Highlands Targets New Business et al

et containerEver notice the container on the back part of the et al parking lot? I never paid attention to it either.

Apparently someone did though.

In January of this year, the owner Kim Ramin went through the proper channels with the town to get a container that resides on her property and was using for some storage as she was getting her new place together.

You can see the permit here:

et al permit

Note the container removal date is “TBD” – To be determined, meaning no fixed date of when it has to be off premises.

Then on May 6th, we have a council meeting where the building owner, Katie Reed requested that the abandoned properties around her house and around Highlands be addressed. You can see her addressing the issue here:

Then, and here’s the weird part, the next day May 7th, her tenant, Kim Ramin, is issued a summons for illegally having a container on her property – and its mailed (not brought over, but mailed).


So this week she receives the summons that states she has a June 2nd court date for a container she has a permit for and if she doesn’t remove it by *this* Saturday (which is Memorial Day weekend) she will be fined everyday until it’s removed.

Kim called Hecht the container company and surprisingly they couldn’t schedule a pick up within 3 days. She did go and schedule one which unfortunately can’t be until June 14th.

In last night’s council meeting, this was brought up and our town administrator said he knew about it and our code enforcement officer was responding to a complaint about the container.

To which Ms. Reed responded, how is it possible that I’ve been complaining about the same properties for 2 years and not a summons was issued, but “someone” complains about “my” property and a summons was issued within 2 weeks, AND my tenant has a permit? You can listen to the comments here

Welcome to Highlands et al!

Shadow Lawn Up for Hi Rise Discussion AGAIN

In case you forgot, this was the vote from September 2013:

Nolan –  Yes
Redmond – “I may be quiet but I listen to you” – NO
Ryan – “I heard your security concerns” – NO
Francy – “I’m going to reiterate my last vote” – NO
Becky – “I don’t know why you think I’m not approachable” – NO

Last time they tried to say that any issues regarding Slump Blocking was just “fear mongering“.  Which was funny because then we had the Slope Failure of 2014.